employment goal

Six million working age adults with disabilities be part of the American workforce

image for Community Living

At least six states will elect to implement the Community First Choice Option so that their Medicaid recipients with disabilities have access to long-term services and supports in the community

goal EDUCATION; student with down syndrome playing on tablet

At least six additional states graduate at least 60 percent of their students with disabilities with a regular high school diploma

man with folders at work

At least six states commit to supporting successful and outcome-based programs and strategies for high school transition services and close the labor force participation gaps for youth and young adults with disabilities

Healthy Living Goal

At least six states commit to including people with disabilities as an explicit target population in all state public health programs

Early Childhood Goal

At least six states increase by 15 percent the proportion of children ages 0-3 who receive recommended developmental screening. At least six states commit to improving cross-system information exchange that supports access to services for children identified by screening.