EMPLOYMENT    Six million working age adults with disabilities will be part of in the American workforce

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In March of 2014, 4.67 million people with disabilities participated in the labor force. That means less than 20% of people with disabilities are working or looking for work, compared to 68% of people without disabilities. By the end of 2015, we would like to see that number reach 6 million.


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Public Sector

State and local governments employ over 19 million people – 7% of the American workforce. Increasing employment of people with disabilities in the state and local workforce can increase their labor force participation and model disability employment across the country. That’s why we are seeking to secure commitments from at least six governors and at least six mayors or county executives to increase the diversity of their public sector workforces by setting goals similar to President Obama’s 2010 Executive Order calling on the federal government to hire at least 100,000 new workers with disabilities by 2015.

Private Sector

We acknowledge that even the most disability inclusive companies can still challenge themselves to do better. Companies strive to incorporate disability inclusion practices across the entire business enterprise—understanding that doing so positively impacts their bottom line. We seek commitments from at least six CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to increase their companies’ efforts to recruit, hire and retain employees with disabilities.

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