Where It All Started: Senator Harkin’s Employment Goal

Disabled Commuter, Employment goal pageThe 6 by 15 campaign builds on the employment goal that Senator Harkin set in 2011. In a keynote address to the US Chamber of Commerce Corporate Disability Employment Summit he called on CEOs and business owners to join him in his goal of increasing the number of Americans with disabilities participating in the workforce to 6 million by 2015.

“If we work together, I believe we can set a realistic goal of increasing the number of adults with disabilities participating in the labor force from 4.9 million, today, to 6 million by 2015. Expanding the disability workforce by more than one million workers in four years is achievable if we get serious about making it happen.…I want your ideas and I am asking for your collaboration so that our policies are producing real results on the ground–real results that become jobs for people with disabilities and a strong, talented and loyal workforce for businesses. If there are federal policies that are getting in the way of your efforts, I want to hear about those too so we can do something about them. Making a real impact on disability employment numbers is one of my top priorities and will remain so as long as I am in the Senate.”

Read Senator Harkin’s speech here: TH Chamber of Commerce keynote 4-12-11

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