Promote Early Childhood Development in Your State

Early Childhood Goal imageLearn where your state stands and what they can do better to promote early childhood development with these tools:

See how your state is doing in the area of early childhood by looking at data available from the Early Childhood Data Collaborative (ECDC). The ECDC’s 2013 Early Childhood Data Systems Survey revealed states’ capacity to link child-level data, collect child development data, and governance of coordinated early childhood data systems varied. Observing the ECDC data is another way to assess changes in your state.

To promote a more coordinated approach to meeting the developmental needs of children, the Screening, Early Identification, Referral, Intake, Evaluation, and Services (SERIES) model was developed as a way to promote shared responsibility for helping each child successfully completes the entire pathway from screening to services.  Check out the SERIES model as an example of how states can approach supporting child development.

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