TechHire Initiative Announced

The 2014 NDEAM theme, EXPECT.EMPLOY.EMPOWER. appears in large white letters at the center of the poster on a blue backdrop of a collage of images of people with disabilities in a variety of work settings. On the right side is a large image from the back of a female wheelchair user. On the back of her chair are the words What can YOU do? The words at the bottom on a silver banner include National Disability Employment Awareness Month, DOL’s logo with the words Office of Disability Employment Policy United States Department of Labor and ODEP’s website: Obama announced a new initiative to make $100 million available through the Department of Labor to support moving lower skilled workers with barrriers to training and employment through fast paths to mid- to high- information technology jobs. This initiative, TechHire, will begin with 20 cities with over 150,000 technology jobs and 300 employer partners. The main features of TechHire includes increase access to training opportunities, employer engagement relating to accelerated learning and opportunities, and accelerated learning strategies to provide fast paths to competitive employment. Applications are planned to be available by the end of 2015.

Read a detailed fact sheet on the TechHire initiative here.

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