June 2014 Disability Employment Data

Disabled Commuter, Employment goal pageThe Bureau of Labor Statistics issued their monthly employment data release today. They found that in June of 2014, 4.597 million people with disabilities age 16-64 participated in the labor force, creating a labor-force participation rate of 32.7% for men and 27.0% for women. The labor-force participation rate for people without disabilities is 83.5% for men and 70.9% for women. Labor force participation means that someone is either working or looking for work. This non-seasonally adjusted number is lower than in June of 2013, in which 4.812 million people with disabilities participated in the labor force. To learn more about these statistics and employment for people with disabilities visit the Office of Disability Employment Policy. Read more on the Six by ’15 blog about how we’re working to get that number to 6 million by the end of 2015.

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