August Unemployment Data Released

Disabled Commuter, Employment goal pageOn Friday, September 5, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics released its monthly jobs report. The report shows that the employment-to-population ratio decreased from 26.4 percent in August 2013 to 26.3 percent in August 2014 (down 0.4 percent; 0.1 percentage points) for working-age people with disabilities. The employment-to-population ratio, a key indicator, reflects the percentage of people who are working relative to the total population (the number of people working divided by the number of people in the total population multiplied by 100). For more information on these numbers and what they mean for people with disabilities, see the September nTIDE Jobs Report: People with Disabilities Falling Behind but Still Striving to Work from the Kessler Foundation and University of New Hampshire’s Institute on Disability.

nTIDE info graphic showing differences between August 2013 and August 2014 employment statistics for people with disabilities. This includes a 2.2% decline in labor force particpation ate, a 0.4% decline in employment-population ratio, and a 12% decline in people with disabilities looking for work.

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